Activeight Bulldogs is a small in home breeder of exceptionally unique French & British Bulldogs. All of our meticulously planned out litters are rasied within our home, located in Sydney NSW. We are a small time breeder that specializes in producing healthy, quality bulldogs with a unique flare of color. 


Exotic and rare coloured French & British Bulldogs are not often seen but when found, they definitely turn heads. 


All of our dogs and puppies are full bred French & British Bulldogs that can be/are registered with the American Bully Kennel Club. 


Colors we produce include but are not limited to Black & Tan, Blue & Tan, Chocolate & Tan, lilac & Tan, Blue Creams and multiple different variations within each color. Our personal mission is to positively contribute to the betterness of the French/British Bulldog breed. To follow this mission, here at Activeight Bulldogs we believe that the quality of your breeding program should not surround the stud, but more-so the female. We focus our program on very selective females that have the health, temperament, and structure that is exempletory under the rules and regulations of the American Bully Kennel Club. Always striving to get closer to the breed standard with each new breeding.


Here at Activeight Bulldogs we believe that outstanding puppies starts before they are even born. All of our dogs live inside our home and are integrated within our families every day activities. Hands on socialization from day one is what makes a well rounded puppy, all of our babies are exposed to numerous situations that will better help you acclimate your puppy when you recieve him/her. Bulldogs are known for being stubborn so crate training, potty pad training and/or outside potty training, nail trimming, nose roll/ear cleaning, baths, etc. are started early to create positive, lasting experiences.


The happiness and wellbeing of our bulldogs always comes first and foremost. 


Being able to produce our unique bulldogs is an upmost privledge that we feel extremely lucky to be able to share with everyone.